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Make the most of what’s around

Make the most of what’s around -- make the most of the time you have to create.

As an introvert whose professional life has often left me with little time to create I've learned to make the most of smaller pockets of quiet time that present opportunities to create without infringing on family time and other important priorities.

Quite often these moments are arise at times when the subject matter I am naturally drawn to are not readily available.

My ideal day would involve some time spent walking through the woods or near the ocean observing the scenery and painting en Plein Air.

These opportunities are quite rare and that is completely alright. I am resolute in my determination to make the most of those opportunities when they come to me.

In the meantime I am equally resolute in my determination to practice using my tools and mediums of choice by painting still life scenes, by painting from imagination and from reference photographs when they are the only options available.

View of my studio while the moon sets behind the trees. Painted in pastel from reference video taken on my phone while walking our dog.

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