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Painting on wood

The past few months have brought opportunities to read and research how other artists from the past and present approach their painting process. One key thing that always seems to draw my attention is the surface that various painters use. Most have heard of canvas stretched over a frame. I have realized lately that the surface painters prefer vary tremendously. Some use linen, Masonite, loose or unstretched canvas, others may use paper covered in gesso. All surfaces have their own unique advantages.

Just recently I created wood panels from birch plywood. I cut them down to 24" X 12" and applied a layer of white gesso. Once the gesso dried I was able to start a painting. This process was rewarding, fun and less expensive than other alternatives. Here are the results so far. This piece is close to done.

I have three more panels like this one that have been prepped and are ready for paint. I am looking forward to creating more paintings this way.

Have a great weekend!

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