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POV - Random Thoughts About Work Ethic…

Recently I've noticed a growing drumbeat of negative sentiments about the concept of work ethic. I've noticed some expressing strongly held beliefs both in support of and against the merits of pursuing the development of a strong work ethic.

After some reflection I cannot help but wonder if many folks who are engaged in this debate are more aligned in their point of view but may be expressing themselves a little differently thus making it more difficult to understand different perspectives on the topic.

I see a strong work ethic as something a person develops as a gift principally to their future self. Work ethic leads to accelerated learning and growth. This likely leads to more opportunities, more responsibility and more growth. All this allows us as workers to develop into the best possible version we’re capable of being.

Along the way advancements in pay, acknowledgement and rewards may lag behind but eventually they’ll catch up. …and if they don’t you’ll have enough skill, ability, credibility and maybe some notoriety amongst a network of people who you have helped so you can move on to greener pastures, if you wish...

Sustained work ethic brings a freedom that is worth the sacrifice in my view. It also has less to do with what you are giving the organization you work for or that which you may be giving up in the present... it has more to do with the limited time we all have on this planet and the longer term impact we want to have.

Developing a strong work ethic is a key part of developing character. It is also one of the most personally rewarding and empowering things you can do for yourself and others in your orbit.

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