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Two Quick Things...

Thing Number 1: You can win this painting!

I have donated this earlier painting based upon a scene in the Pocono Mountains to 1% for Nature.

Their mission is focused on protecting and enhancing special places in the Pocono Mountains of Monroe County for all to enjoy.

Please consider helping this group. This is an inexpensive way to acquire unique, handmade art AND help a local community.

You can place a bid in the comments section of their event page on Facebook Click here to offer a bid.

Domestic shipping costs are free. I will pack and ship this directly to you or hand-deliver it to you if you post the winning bid.

Thing Number 2: Affordable way to support the arts and learn to create!

Also, if you or someone you know is interested in supporting the arts and/or learning how to create art, I will be launching a Patreon Page. Here, for as little as $1 per month a patron can access exclusive educational content and opportunities to acquire original art, just by virtue of your support as a patron!

Thanks & be well, Tom

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