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About Thomas Michael Nieman

I have been producing art since a very young age.  My mother and father are both talented visual artists and I have many creative relatives throughout my family. One of my favorite childhood memories occurred in fourth grade in Elmwood Park, NJ when my teacher, Mrs. Wiseman allowed me to create a large part of a life-sized Native American Village Scene in class. I also frequently recall the incredible feeling I experienced when viewing some of the great impressionist and representational paintings for the first time. I recall marveling at the ability of those artists to create elaborate, colorful, three dimensional images from just a few brush strokes on a one dimensional canvas.

Presently, I live in Stroudsburg, PA with my wife Janine, two children and our dog Holly.

Representational paintings and drawings of landscapes are what I enjoy creating the most. I also enjoy portraits of people and animals too! While I am mostly self-taught, I did complete a semester at Fairleigh Dickinson University as a Fine Arts Major only to switch majors, somewhat regrettably.  I have also attended several continuing education workshops at the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts - PAFA. As an artist the learning never stops. Today I focus most of attention while intentionally learning on instructional videos offered by some of the worlds incredible artists.

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