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Each landscape and portrait is sketched, then painted directly from a photograph provided by you. Clear photographs with high definition yield the best portraits, but moderate quality photographs also work. You may send me a single photograph, or as many as you want if you cannot decide on a photo or if you just want to give me a better idea of what the scene and/or subject looks like. If you want a portrait with multiple subjects, but you do not have a clear photo of them together  you can send separate photos of the individual subjects and I will design a custom composition for you. You can submit photos to



Cost depends on size of your portrait and number of subjects in the portrait. Single-subject portrait prices are as follows.

8"x10" image on 9” X 12” paper: $200

11” X 14” Canvas: $350

18” X 24” Canvas: $400

          +$50 per subject

Shipping costs vary depending on location and painting size, but it is usually somewhere around $10. If you live in or near Stroudsburg, PA delivery is free. 

Half of the payment is collected up-front, and the other half is collected upon completion. I will ensure you are fully satisfied with your portrait before delivery. I will share my progress with you via images of sketches during the prep phase of the project.

I accept cash, check, card, and Venmo.



Paintings will be completed on a first-come, first-serve basis. It could take anywhere between a few weeks to a few months for your piece to be finished, depending on how many orders I have at a given time. A more accurate time-frame estimate can be given upon contact.

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