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A Little Bit of Progress is Better Than No Progress

Despite the COVID-19 Pandemic there is enough to do as a full time parent, full-time salesperson and a part-time artist that I need to take every opportunity to make progress. During the past twelve months or so I've produced one new piece per week on average if you include my basic sketches and mandala drawings.

During the period of social distancing and sheltering in place I have started experimenting with Oil Painting. I was fortunate in the sense that I had been preparing to start making oil paintings for several weeks prior to the start of the Pandemic. My preparations included: taking inventory of existing supplies, the purchase of a few canvases. and scanning instructional videos on YouTube.

Since beginning to paint, I have been able to complete one new oil painting per week. The process normally will involve creating some sketches where I focus on identifying the larger shapes I want to include in the composition of the painting along with the dark and light values I feel will be essential to creating an interesting image. The sketch work typically will be done very early in the morning during the week with some additional time invested in the evenings after dinner.

Painting usually starts Friday evening or Saturday Morning. If all goes as planned, I typically can finish a new painting by Sunday Morning. If I find I am producing work for a friend or a client, I will keep them updated on my progress throughout the sketch and painting process with a quick text or email every so often.

The image shown above is a rough sketch of Mookie Betts running off the field in between innings at Fenway Park. I am working on this for some great friends of ours who happen to be Red Sox Fans. My hope is to have the painting completed by the end of this coming weekend!

I hope to continue painting at this pace so I can gain experience as a painter, help bring some interesting works into the world and feel as though I made the most of this time. Painting and creating art is something that I enjoy. It is a stress reliever for me that allows me to spend time with family.

The paintings I've completed so far during the pandemic can be seen to the left.

I hope you enjoy and I hope you and yours stay well.


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