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Art, LinkedIn and Local Color

Perhaps one of the least known and misunderstood resources for artists and other creative types is LinkedIn. LinkedIn is considered by most to be a business social network that helps people stay in touch with colleagues, find their next job and in some cases market products and services. There are several resources I have stumbled across which could be extraordinarily helpful to artists and fans of the arts. I will highlight three of them for you:

Helpful art posts

Occasionally helpful posts will come across my LinkedIn feed that can help illuminate a painting technique, an artist I was not aware of, an opportunity to appreciate a great work of art or a way to market and sell art that I never considered. This happens daily for me. Perhaps it has to do with the algorithms running behind the scenes within LinkedIn, it could be a matter of what attracts my attention or a little of both. If you wish to see more and learn more, simply start following art related LinkedIn members and art related institutions.

Useful art resources

The number of resources made available for artists on LinkedIn are innumerable. Some favorites of mine are:

Art Museum LinkedIn pages (i.e. The Metropolitan Museum of Art, Barnes Foundation, Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts and more provide great images of the history’s best art.

Dr Cyril Thiaudière, Ph.D posts daily on LinkedIn. The images Dr Cyril Thiaudière shares contain some of the best works throughout history and the image quality is typically very high.

Not on LinkedIn? No worries… Dr Cyril Thiaudière is Pinterest too!

Post like this one of André Eugène Costilhes, "Le bosquet" offer the viewer an opportunity to observe details related to techniques such as use of local color, brush strokes, composition, design elements and so on..

Individual artists

Yes, there are artists that post their work! Many have developed a large following on LinkedIn. One of my favorites is Canadian based painter, Tim Packer

Perhaps, my favorite thing is how open most people are to make new connections within the LinkedIn network. This makes it easy to meet new people, find inspiration, get answers to questions and follow varying interests that cut across professional and personal interests.

That's it for now. Be safe and stay well, Tom

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