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The Art of Being… thrifty

Most artists want to be thrifty. In reality, we need to be thrifty. Thriftiness is an art in and of itself. It can be very motivating when we experience the thrill of taking the under-appreciated or overlooked item and making something spectacular out of it.

The past few weeks have been good for me in this category.

  • Frames on clearance in a retail chain

  • Frames from a thrift store

  • Frames gifted that were purchased from a reclaimed art supply shop

  • Tripod from a thrift shop for my Filament based, 3-D printed watercolor painting box that was a gift from mom

All of this takes time, planning and some friends and family that look out for opportunities and alert you to them. If done as part of a consistent process it's a game changer.

My wife and I have been popping in at thrift stores about every other weekend for the past year and I now have a decent inventory of frames ready to go.

This preparedness is really important because as an artist, it will help ensure I am ready for a surprise commission request, a show, a competition, or a great scene I notice that just needs to be painted, or any other opportunity that arises.

This mural was spotted outside of a Marshalls near Allentown while shopping for smaller frames on clearance...

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