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Broken Branches & Lilly Pads

Updated: May 21, 2021

Some days we don't get out early enough to capture golden hour light. Some days are just gray and nondescript. Yet there is always something to paint.

On a recent Sunday painting session I went down to the trails near the lake in our community with the intention of capturing a scene featuring a sunlit sky. Perhaps, even some wispy clouds, treetops, and distant mountains. Well, my day did not go according to plan.

We got a late start and the haze was thick so the lighting did not offer anything of interest among the standard natural features I'm drawn to. So I headed into the hiking trail and sought something interesting under the tree canopy.

After a very short hike, I spotted a nice flat area near the lake shore covered in moss and leaves so I set up my easel and painted there for about two hours. The juxtaposition of lights and darks, a broken tree branch partially submerged in the water, plus the recently surfaced lily pads drew my attention to this scene.

If I am fortunate enough to live a long healthy life, and if we remain in our current home for any amount of time, I imagine I will paint this scene quite a few times. At least I hope so.

Wile painting this scene, I was bathing in the music of the songbirds in the shade. Later on that same music was accompanied by the not too distant beat of an outdoor Zumba Class. I also was greeted briefly by a hiker walking with her dog and a fisherman who complimented my work as he swiftly walked by.

I could have painted here all day but there was a lot of other work to do so I packed up and went home.

Here is a link to a short video that provides greater insight into the process followed to create this painting...

You can view the full-length video at normal speed on my Patreon Page

Hope you & yours are well. Stay safe & be well,


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