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Charles Warren Eaton

Updated: Jan 15

Charles Warren Eaton is considered by many to be one of Americas foremost Tonalist painters.

Those who are not familiar with Tonalism or those who are not very familiar with American art history may have never heard of him.

His work resonates with me for several reasons. Eaton was originally from New York State, studied in New York City, he admired George Inness and lived in Bloomfield, New Jersey.

Eaton was known as "The Pine Tree Painter." He also experienced some creative tension when working to support himself while also working towards becoming a professional artist.

All these factors and more make Charles Warren Eaton and interesting character to me. I feel a definite sense of connection to him and his work.

This is likely why I've covered his work more than any other painter in my long-term series called "study the greats."

Study of Charles Warren Eaton’s “Silence of the Night” painted originally back in 1911.

Recently attempted this study in oils.

Will upload a video of the process soon which can be found on YouTube under the "Study the Greats" playlist on my channel.

Covering another Eaton painting

Take care!

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