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Close to Home

There is something about painting subjects that are part of our everyday lives. Things we see nearly every day. Some are rather mundane and others lively and colorful. Subjects that are close to home allow for deep, well informed observation on a different level of understanding. Perhaps the thousands of times we drive by a scene, bend down to pet or feed our little pup or look up to the sky to breath in a sunset while sitting in the backyard connect us to a scene in ways words cannot describe.

This is why when people ask me to create a painting for them I will often ask questions about the subject, their experience with them and for multiple reference photos. My hope is that I can transmute the additional information into a moment captured in paint that creates a warm, even sentimental feeling.

Currently, I have a small backlog of commissions pending. I had to pause producing art upon request for others for a while in order to work through some paintings I felt I needed to do for myself and my immediate family. A few of those are shown above. All are tributes to small but hugely important aspects of our lives. Hope you enjoy viewing them as much as I enjoyed building these paintings.

Stay safe & be well, Tom

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