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Cold Winter Watercolor

Updated: Jan 22

Watercolor is an enigma rolled up in a mystery to me. Add some difficult, cold, winter weather and it's an even bigger challenge.

Admittedly I drew inspiration this week from James Gurney and his videos offering insights into how he creates his amazing car paintings.

The first time I saw videos of Gurney painting scenes from inside his car, I thought wow! I think I need to try that! Oddly it was years ago when I was first impressed by Gurney's car painting videos.

Here we are now, years later and I'm finally using his incredible insights and am happy with both the process and the results.

Add a dash of inspiration from my amazing cousin Stephanie Berry with her watercolor journal work, a spot of inspiration from my mom and the Prusament Filament watercolor easel by Josef Prusa she gifted to me, and add the plants, cuttings and arrangements found throughout the house offered by my wife Janine and we have a cornucopia of inspiration to paint while the weather remains persistently nasty here in Pennsylvania.

We are in the midst of a very busy weekend including a brief early morning trip into New York City for an indoor track meet, back to the Poconos for an indoor soccer tournament, chores, meeting prep for the week to come and hopefully we'll get to watch some playoff football in between.

In the meantime, this newly amalgamated batch of knowledge and tools will help me continue to create paintings. I am grateful for that -- I m grateful for all of it.

Stay warm & stay well,


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