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Commission Work

Painting for clients, family and friends who ask for custom paintings is very rewarding but quite different than painting images based upon my own interests. This past year I have painted several commissions that cut across the following themes:

  1. Pet & Livestock Portraits

  2. Tribute Paintings/Portraits

  3. Home Portraits

I enjoy the experience of constructing all of these type of paintings but I have to say I enjoy the whimsy associated with pet & livestock portraits the most. The weight of getting the mood and likeness just right, is not quite as heavy as it may be for say a tribute painting or a human portrait.

Some may be more difficult than others but I enjoy them all.

These are just a few that I have completed recently. Hope you enjoy. More importantly, I hope you enjoy this time of year with family and friends (including those furry ones...) in a warm, safe home where great memories can be made.

Be well, Tom

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