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Cooperstown Pumpkin Fest

Cooperstown is a special place for many reasons. The Major League Baseball Hall of Fame is located there, so is a bustling downtown full of shops, breweries and restaurants. Double Day Field is located there too. Doubleday Field is a baseball stadium in Cooperstown, New York named for Abner Doubleday and located two village blocks from the National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum.

One year my family and I went up to visit Cooperstown in September and by coincidence it happened to be the weekend of their Pumpkin Fest. The scene was incredible. Thousands of people swarmed the parking lot, sidewalks and streets outside of Double Day Field. We learned they came to see pumpkins! The main attractions were the giant pumpkins.

The scene was so interesting it inspired me to paint this. I heard that the festival has since been cancelled but there are still many reasons to visit this beautiful location in upstate New York.

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