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Discipline and Freedom…

"Discipline and freedom seem like opposites. In reality, they are partners. Discipline is not a lack of freedom, it is a harmonious relationship with time."

This is another quote from Rick Rubin's book, "The Creative Act a Way of Being."

This is so true! Every shred of experiential evidence I personally can draw upon supports this notion.

I suppose it's part of human nature, but there are times when discipline, routine, habits and schedules all feel as if they are restricting freedom but if you've ever experienced those moments when you're in the flow and everything happens, seemingly just as it should, in the best way possible and on time, you may agree.

You too, might recognize that there's more of a direct correlation, and indeed a partnership between discipline and freedom.

It can even perpetuate a snowball effect of sorts. If you study and practice well. Intentionally internalize concepts, practice movements and related techniques you can play without thinking. Just respond, in play, to the developing scenario intuitively. Freedom quite like no other can found here in the flow state as an artist, an athlete, whatever...

It definitely can be liberating and feel great but it also must be earned.

...and re-earned. Again and again.

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