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Happy New Year!

The beginning of a new year always seems to bring hope and opportunities for reflection and renewal. I hope your 2023 is the best year yet -- for you, your family and friends.

Here is a quick collage featuring recent paintings based scenes with a local focus -- Local to where we live here in the Poconos. This is such a naturally beautiful area.

Sometimes it is all too easy to overlook what we have right in front of us. Lately, I find slowing down and taking time to paint a scene, is a great way to appreciate the natural beauty right in front of us.

If you click on the image (or click here) you can view painting demonstrations showing how each of these paintings was made.

These and many other landscape paintings are available for viewing on my YouTube Channel -- Here you can view the process for creating this dog portrait I had the honor of being asked to create for a holiday gift.

Hope you enjoy! Even more so, I hope you have wonderful 2023!

Be well,


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