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Hard to Quantify - Art Journaling

Updated: Feb 4

The value of art journaling is hard to quantify however my instincts tell me it is invaluable based upon the short time I've been doing it.

Some may observe someone doodling in a notebook and think "wow, that person has their head in the clouds." It may seem frivolous or even a like a strange, self-indulgent waste of time to some.

Here are some of the benefits that I have experienced. Others have said it best so I'll refer to some other sources here.

Personally, what I have observed in my own art journaling practice is that the consistency journaling requires, ensures that I prioritize the act of creating without interfering with the flow of the rest of my life. Also the smaller scale works entered into journals take less time!

A small journal requires you to work within a small space, less time and materials are needed to make your entries and it could be an easy win for a busy creative within a busy day.

Sometimes the journal entries will turn into ideas for larger projects in the future. I find that journal entries will always provide insights into how to better understand and address problems that arise when creating art.

All of this is so important. In the past there were long periods of time when I didn't create and this was not a good thing. In fact it was a very bad thing.

So I'll just have to keep going with this practice.

Links to some of my painting journal related work:

Thanks for listening and for checking out my work! Cheers!

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