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In Support of “The Canon”

Great works abound. Some of them are extraordinary helpful in supporting and fortifying so we go back to them frequently.

Some works may serve as reference or provide guidance, others offer inspiration and in some cases we may find both. A select few may have such a meaningful impact we keep them close so we can draw upon them when needed.

The "Canon" of books at the core of the learning journey as creatives, may have a supporting cast of resources that expand their impact and influence.

In my own personal library, I have a supporting cast of resources that includes othe books, podcasts, YouTube channels, select media groups and elements of my own painting practice that are loosely organized around The "Canon" of books at the core of my learning journey related to painting.

Here are some of them:


10-Minute Book Brief: Love is the Killer App

Painting Book Brief - The Art of Plein Air Painting

10- Minute Book Brief "Mindset"

10 Minute Painting Book Brief: Landscape Painting Inside & Out by Kevin Macpherson


The Creative Endeavor Hosted by Andrew Tischler:

The Artful Painter Hosted by Carl Olson

Tetragrammaton with Rick Rubin

YouTube Channels:

Art School Live wit Eric Rhodes

Andrew Broussard Watercolors:

The Artful Souls (with Kyle Buckland):

Stuart Davies:

James Gurney:

Other Social Media:

Helpful groups you can search for by name on Facebook:

  • The Hudson River School of Painters

  • Plein Air Painters

  • Painting Videos

Additionally, I regularly search for used art books at thrift shops, bookstores, garage sales, etc. and am often surprised by the amount of inspiration available at great prices! I wi occasionally share some of these books during Live "Wednesday Walkthroughs" on my YouTube channel.

All of these resources fuel the pipeline of new ideas for future works and most of them help support the good books that make up The "Canon" of books at the core of my learning journey related to painting.

There is one more important aspect of this whole convoluted process. Many times taking ideas and implementing them requires an intermediary process. For me, working out ideas in a sketchbook or by making a master copy can help bridge the gap between inspiration and actual creation.

These practices also provide support to the whole dang thing. They keep the river of ideas and motivation flowing...

Well, there you have it... that's just about all of the input that flows into the process I've been following for some time now. I am sharing all of this for three reasons:

  1. Writing helps me think

  2. Some folks have expressed interest in understanding what my process is like; and

  3. I figure by sharing it may help some folks who like me, are struggling to get started, find their own way...


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