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Interesting times, indeed. I think I need a nap.

So here we are in the last weekend of June 2020. Summer is in full swing. My employer just wrapped up the fiscal year end. My household is suffering from pandemic fatigue. It seems for every crack in the dark skies we are experiencing, at this time, another cloud seems to roll by darkening the scene.

Our local little league soon will be opening for a shortened season. School fall sports seem to have a plan for summer preparations that makes sense. Small business seems to be opening (based upon how busy I’ve been lately with my full-time sales gig). We get to socialize occasionally with neighbors, more frequent check-ins through text, Facebook messages and video calls. All of this and more helps to balance out the negativity we are faced with these days.

Broken bones, torn ligaments, skin infections, some more serious health concerns within our extended family, patience being tested due to a cornucopia of disappoints, bad news, grief, stress and extended periods of family time at home can take a fair amount of energy to manage through. It’s all good though. Grateful to where we are and how we live.

All that said, this may be the first Saturday in a while I don’t find the motivation to get in front of the canvas. It may have something to do with the rain but right now, I am feeling like I want to go back to bed and take a nap.

Looking for inspiration today but know that it won't likely come easy. Here's a thumbnail values sketch in preparation for my next a painting.

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Linda Gottfried
Linda Gottfried
27 de jun. de 2020

Picasso said: "Inspiration must find you working." If you start working, you will become inspired. Just put one color on the canvas, one brush stroke will lead to another...

Love your work!!!

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