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It's almost summertime!

The weather is getting warmer and the days are growing longer. This means many things will continue to come to life and grow. The seasonal change in the north east offers more opportunities to get outside and paint. In between baseball games, soccer camps, practices and many other things I often find myself on a riverbank, streamside, or at some scenic overlook painting what I see. Typically early in the morning.

Here are a few highlights from some recent painting adventures. All were painted en plein air. Some were finished up in the studio. All provided great learning opportunities and help me advance my painting practice.

Sharing my work has helped me pick up a few commissions for home and pet portraits along the way. I am grateful for that because it helps sustain my practice. As of this moment I am kind of in a virtuous cycle. I paint scenes that interest me, learn new things at my own pace and voila a commission request comes in and BOOM -- I can purchase new paints or some piece of equipment that I've needed for a while.

Here are some more recent paintings. Please be sure to check out my YouTube Channel called Paint and Draw with Tom. Here is a recent video showing the full process for creating this painting of the early morning light and lake water shining through the trees in mid-spring. There are hundreds of videos available now. If you know of someone who might find them helpful or enjoy them please pass it along.

Enjoy this beautiful day! Cheers!

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