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Letter to my former self …from earlier this morning

Focus on what you can do.

You want to wander out into the woods, explore and paint the best scenery you can find on this snowy, winter day but you can't.

You need to focus on your responsibilities and commitments related to your life and primary source of income and this is a good thing.

This is an important part of how you take care of your family and it also helps build your relationship to the world. The tension you feel in your gut is a good thing.

That tension indicates your level of commitment to doing the right thing for yourself and your family. It is a clear indication of how much you care and are aware of the process you are working through in your effort to improve as a painter and evolve as a person who happens to be an artist.

Perhaps of equal importance, that tension is a clear indication of the powerful energy that exists around this whole thing...

Opportunities to take adventures on snowy days have been there in the past and will likely present themselves again in the future.

Today, focus on what you can do so you are closer to being able to capitalize on beautiful snowy days, in fun ways, in the future.

In the meantime keep making progress by doing what you can. Straighten your studio, keep reading, keep making Art in between other things and keep making good decisions along the way.

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