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Words can often possess meaning that extends well beyond what’s known on a surface level assessment.

Etymologically simple words can provide layers and layers of significant meaning. Much like a good painting (or any work of art) a word can serve as a transcendent portal leaving us feeling connected history, the future, or the present in ways we otherwise might not have imagined.

I really enjoy finding interesting words that are less commonly used today. I especially enjoy finding words — that are actually real words —that spellcheck does not recognize!

The word “Nemoral” happens to be one of these…

According to Wikipedia the word nemoral is an adjective meaning of, relating to, or inhabiting a forest or the woods.

I stumbled across this wonderful word within my Instagram feed. I guess most of my paintings are “Nemoral” or “Nemorally” themed. This is by virtue of where I live with my family here in the Poconos.

This time of year provides great opportunities for us to get outside and paint or just explore nature. More often than not I enjoy getting out early in the morning before work starts. I find that my energy level is higher earlier in the day and it also helps me set my mind in a positive way which often will carry throughout the day.

For me personally, painting en Plein air is kinda like a meditation. It helps me get out of my head, focus exclusively on the present moment in front of me and strengthen connection to the natural world. All good stuff!

The images within this post are all nemoral paintings and most of these were completed en Plein air.

Thanks for checking out my work and thanks for hearing me out!

If you’re interested in viewing different aspects of my painting process, check out my YouTube channel

If you’re interested in purchasing originals of some of my work, check out my shop here on my site at

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