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Nothing Like a Good Old Nor'easter!

A huge winter storm is raging outside right now here in North East Pennsylvania!

This storm features blowing, drifting snow. So many great memories come flooding back into consciousness when I think back to all the big snowstorms I’ve experienced. Memories from shoveling snow with my Grandpa, to building a house from the footers all the way to the roof with my father and brother in one of the worst winters in history and any one of the epic memories of sleigh riding with friends and family.

Meanwhile, this current storm is delaying the delivery of many packages for millions of people. During this pandemic, some have become total reliant upon package delivery for nearly everything. The delivery of my Beaumont Large Format Plein Air Easel is no exception! Its delivery has been delayed by at lead a day. I guess that is alright as there is plenty of other things to do. Minor disappointment I suppose...

Just in case you missed it there are several updates for you:

If you enjoy my time lapsed painting videos, Here are two new paintings that I posted a few recently:

If you know of someone who is interested in learning how to paint or a beginner painter interested in learning some of the basics, I will soon have scheduled painting classes available through Zoom. Also, I have a few videos up on Patreon that were created with less experienced painters in mind. You can view this content by clicking here.

The recent close of January marked the first of four FREE GIVEAWAY winners! There are three more Plein Air Oil painting studies I will give away - one each of the next four months. All you need to do is Subscribe to my YouTube channel and like this video for a chance to win!

Thanks for viewing! Stay safe out there & be well, Tom

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