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Numinous is from the Latin word numen, meaning "nod of the head" or "divine will" (the latter sense suggesting a figurative nod, of assent or of command, of the divine head). English speakers have been using numen for centuries with the meaning "a spiritual force or influence."

Sometimes a word resonates on multiple levels and this word, numinous, certainly does.

There are times when in nature a feeling of numinosity will come about in overwhelming fashion.

Numinosity often refers to the spiritual power in the relationship between the individual and other people and things. The numinosity of water is discussed in the context of culture and religions. Some say science without consideration of numinosity can be dehumanizing.

Whatever the case may be, I personally find resonance with this word often and sense there is a force pulling on us and I believe that when we tune into it we tend to be guided in ways that are helpful, healthful and more often than not helpful to those around us.

Nearly every time we tune into this we are much happier and free from anxiety, unhealthy thoughts and we are fully engaged. Perhaps "in the zone." We no longer have any sense of disconnection and disharmony. Actually the opposite is true - only complete sense of connection and harmony is apparent.

This state can make it seem as if time slows down and yet hours can pass in what seems to be a blink.

One example I recall happened last spring when I was in Delaware Water Gap painting the Deer Head Inn en Plein air. After my painting session was done I noticed a pair of cardinals searching for food and resources for thei nest within a budding willow tree. I was able to get some footage of it, which you can view here.

Sometimes this feeling will present itself when spending time with family and friends. Or when, reflecting upon all the miracles that unfolded to lead you to those who you share your life with.

It can happen when playing sports or music.

Sometimes for me, it'll happen while creating art. Here are some painting sessions within recent history where that happened for me:

There are other examples. These are just a few...

Thanks for hearing me out. Hope you have the opportunity to experience numerous moments of Numinosity!


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