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On the move…

Getting ready to make the move from summer to fall. School started where we live here in the Poconos, Summer baseball has ended, now on to soccer and cross country.

One thing remains the same, I'll do my best to keep painting. I am looking forward to the spectacular fall colors and brisk weather.

Here are some recent Plein Air paintings I've worked on.

Feel free to check out some of my latest painting adventures on my YouTube channel

Currently I am reorganizing and cleaning my studio and office space. Overwhelmed is an understatement. Albeit we are making some consistent progress.

Also planning to post a 10-minute book brief for each of these three books within the next three months.

These will be posted out on my YouTube channel too.

All of them have been very helpful to me in my efforts to develop as an artist. In the meantime there's already some good book summaries out there on the following classics:

Thanks for checking out my work! Enjoy the last few days and weeks of summer!

Be well, Tom

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