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One of my Favorite Podcasts for Art - "The Artful Painter"

This may be the golden age for artists. The past few decades have brought into a time where great materials are readily available, the market for art has been strong, the internet has provided a fantastic channel for art fans and buyers to find new artists. Alongside all of this tremendous support resources have emerged from instructional video blogs to Youtube channels where lessons are delivered on a myriad of topics that support creative professionals and weekend dabblers.

One of my favorite resources is a podcast hosted by Carl Olson called The Artful Painter. Carl does an amazing job of interviewing incredible painters. Carl does so with a mix of effective questions along with a humble reverence for great art and the work the goes into creating it.

I’ve never met Carl but I imagine much of what I appreciate about him stems from an innate curiosity he possesses and the similarities we share in our preference for representational landscape paintings, our stage of life and position in the art world. We both are experienced professionals who are eager to dive into the art world and become more proficient painters.

Check out this podcast when you can. Carl will introduce you to living artists. Some you may recognize, and many you may never have heard of before. He does such a great job the artists seem to really enjoy the conversation. You will gain so much from the information they share about their process and the passion they express for why they do what they do.

You can search for the Artful Painter wherever you listen to podcasts but one of the best places to start is by visiting the Artful Painter Podcast Blog:

Here you can joint Carl’s mailing list and view some of the pod cast episode related artwork.

Have a great day. Be well, Tom

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