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Pet Portraits

Updated: Jun 3, 2020

Several weeks ago my wife Janine suggested I make some time to create a portrait of one of our favorite neighbor's dog as a gift. Like most of her suggestions this made sense so I started thinking about how I would approach the task of creating this piece. At the time I had a long list of requests for pieces tied to the #Artformasks campaign so the main challenge was to find the time to get started.

I figured I could find a photo online. Both neighbors are talented photographers who post wonderful images of their pup on social media.

They live right across the street and walk their furry friend multiple times per day so I could easily snap my own picture or even paint them in action. I decided to go with a favorite picture of mine that they posted a while back as my reference. It is a work in progress.

Animals, like humans, have their own unique personalities and it is quite difficult to capture hints of their unique being. I am learning and hope that I have a long journey ahead of me as an artist. I hope that pet portraits and various scenes involving animals of all types become something that I am less intimated by. Practice will certainly help in this regard.

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