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Recap - Wednesday Walkthrough 2: Charles Warren Eaton: An American Tonalist Rediscovered and more...

Recently walked through a great book called Charles Warren Eaton: An American Tonalist Rediscovered and more during a live session on my YouTube channel .

This book has been helpful to me in many ways. It has also fueled much of the progress I've made as a painter by providing easy access to high quality images of some great works.

The work of Charles Warren Eaton has been featured in my long-term series I've been working through called "Study the Greats"

This book features detailed but brief biography plus over sixty high quality color plates featuring his work and that of other great painters.

Art Practice Goals for 2024:

1. Attend 1 or more workshops.

2. Participate in 2 or more plein air events.

3. Create a self-portrait.

** I have some commercial goals related to my art in 2024 but will keep those private for now.

Check out the video notes on YouTube for this live session to access links to helpful information, related videos, artist recommendations and more.

Stay well!


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