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Early Fall 2023

Raymondskill Falls 24” x 30” Oil on wood panel. Painted en Plein Air. This past Monday I celebrated my birthday, in part, by taking a day off, driving up near Milford PA, hiked and painted for about 3 hours or so. I painted the scene at Raymondskill Falls which is is billed by the National Park Service as the “tallest waterfall in Pennsylvania” at 178 feet tall. This painting is 24” x 30” which is quite large for a #pleinairpainting.

While I did finish it up in studio, the bulk of the work was done standing across from the falls alone, freezing early in the morning.

Also have been doing regular painting studies as part of the my series of painting studies I call "Study the Greats." While these paintings are not available for sale or show I do often share videos of the process followed to create them on my YouTube Channel.

Here's a study if a Rembrandt painting called Dream of Joseph

And a quick little Frazetta study this morning. Not done but as far as I’m taking this one. Hope to visit the @frankfrazettaartmuseum soon.

Enjoy the week ahead and the remainder of the falls season. I have a larger landscape scene commission I will be working on in the weeks ahead.

As time marches on and we get closer to the holidays know that I am open to commissions and quite often enjoy the process of painting animal portraits along with the occasion house portrait as well. Could be a very special gift of you know someone looking for custom made art.

Take care & be well,


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