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Some Ideas Take Time to Develop

Some ideas take longer than others...

"Art takes time—
Monet grew his gardens
before he painted them."

--Atticus Poetry, Love Her Wild

When the sun lights up Reunion Ridge is a scene I've enjoyed for nearly twenty-five years before I conjured up the wherewithal to paint it.

Twenty-five years, several careers, two kids, four dogs, many milestones, road trips and events have brought us to walk or drive down the road into this scene.

To view the process followed to create this work in pastel check out this 10-minute video on my YouTube channel: When The Sun Lights Up Reunion Ridge 12“ x 9“ pastel on sanded paper

During the twenty-five year period I've snapped many photos, took videos and stored them on my phones during that time.

This is a common theme throughout much of my work. While I do engage in more spontaneously inspired paintings, quite often the work is done as the result of a more deliberate, lengthy process which requires the patience of a nurturing farmer.

To learn more about this process of cultivating ideas called creative composting check out my recent discussion on Wednesday Walkthrough 10 - Creative Composting where I share some insights about the process while finishing off my watercolor journal with a painting of a gargoyle.

Thanks for checking out my work!

Enjoy the day!

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