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Two Milestones

Updated: Sep 15, 2021

Just recently, I had a little mini celebration while drinking my coffee early in the morning before work.

Painting, much like life itself, along with most vocations and professions, comes with many ups and downs. I realized that just a little over a year after starting my painting practice, I have a few bright spots to celebrate.

Somehow over the past year I’ve been able to make some major progress with my painting practice and my celebratory sip of coffee has rarely tasted quite this sweet : )

It looks like I will submit six to seven paintings to the Dutot Museum Plein Air 2021. I’ve wanted to try plein air events for many years. This first timer had a great time. I hope to do more of these as time passes. The season of life Janine and I are presently in, with two active 14 year old teenagers, I’ll be lucky of I can do one or two per year but we’ll see what the future brings. You can view some of the paintings I was fortunate to create during this event. Now the preparations, for framing and sale are underway.

All paintings that are accepted into the Museum’s exhibit will be available and open to bid starting on September 17th all the way through October 3rd, 2021.

The second major milestone is the progress made with my YouTube channel. I now have over forty demo painting videos published and available to view. Additionally, my first video in the “Study the Greats” Series I am running with has well over one-thousand views at the time of this blog post. I am not sure how, but it is getting over one-hundred views per day at this point too. This is a first for me and I really appreciate the feedback I’ve received thus far on this long-term project.

More importantly, I appreciate the notion that I may be helping others tap into the benefits associated with creating and appreciating art in their lives.

Thanks for checking out my work. I hope you have a great day.

All my best to you and yours. Stay well, Tom

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