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Unique Advantages of Pastels

Soft pastels contain more pigment and less binder compared to most other mediums. This means the colors will be more vibrant.

Sunrise over distant tree line soft pastel 5” x 7”

Pastel sticks are typically rectangular or cylindrical and possess a blunt edged tip so they require an approach to painting that is focused on larger shapes and less detail.

The application of pastel is direct. There are advanced methods of applying pastel that offer less direct painting affects but you are basically putting strong, intense colors down directly representing your subject matter.

If you have space in your studio you can leave your materials set out and go paint when time allows within a busy schedule. They won't dry out on your pallet like paints will.

Pastels typically are applied to paper. Paper is relatively easy to store and inexpensive when compared to many painting surfaces.

Pastels are highly versatile in how they can be used. Here are some older pastel paintings I completed throughout the years.

I suppose I will periodically come back to this medium from time to time. Also hope to explore Plein Air painting in pastel at some point too.

Thanks for checking out my work!


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