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Walkthrough #1

Who will ever paint a true picture of those rare moments in life when physical well-being prepares the way for calm of soul, and the universe seems before your eyes to have reached a perfect equilibrium; then the soul, half asleep, hovers between the present and the future, between the real and the possible, while with natural beauty all around and the air tranquil and mild, at peace with himself in the midst of universal peace, man listens to the even beating of his arteries that seems to him to mark the passage of time flowing drop by drop through eternity.

—Alexis de Tocqueville, Journey to America (1831)

I was reminded of this quote while briefly scanning a wonderful book that was gifted to me called “The American Artist and The American Landscape” by John Driscoll & Arnold Skolnick.

Planning to, among other things, walk through this book this evening at 9pm live on my YouTube channel. Click here to view it or setup a notification for when it begins

There are some amazing photos of incredible paintings inside this book. It really is a treasure.


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