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What do Vincent van Gogh, Monet and Inness have in common?

Updated: Apr 10

Well, they are all featured in my Study the Greats Series now, of course.

Van gogh's "Olive Trees" is now amongst the latest great works covered in this series. All are viewable in the video section of the website. Some videos are time lapsed, others are full length and narrated, while some like the van Gogh video shown to the right were taped live and often involve very little talking at all.

The intention of this series is to help up-level my painting ability and offer a way for others who are interested in learning to paint a way to learn from my struggle and progress. Sometimes I'll share information I've learned about art history as I go. Sometime I'll also share a dad joke or two.

I also post videos showing the process of building original paintings too. Some are completed in studio and others show progress made out in the world painting en plein air. All the effort related to building out my YouTube Channel is tied back to the intentions stated earlier. Should you take the time to view any of this content I hope you enjoy and find it useful in some way.

Have a great day! Stay safe & be well, Tom

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