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A quick dip in Broadhead Creek

Less than one-quarter of a mile down the road, a historic creek runs by our home here in the Poconos. We've driven by this creek nearly every day of our lives for the twenty-two years we've lived in our current home. This past weekend, upon the recommendation from some friends we set out to explore a swimming hole and we had a great time.

We parked near the walking trails near the Analomink Post Office and hiked in. We saw folks enjoy cliff jumping and an incredible rope swing. The water was refreshing and teaming with fingerling Trout, Bass and Catfish. I imagine there were some larger fish in the deeper pools in the creek too.

I hope we get back there soon. I hope my recovery from my injuries continues to head in the right direction. I hope I continue to regain energy so I can paint some more in between work, family time, soccer and baseball practice and all else that comes to us during this time. Have a great day!

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