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Charles and his tractor

Updated: Apr 21, 2020

Since my last post I have received two more requests for paintings, a baseball field and a historic building called Old Leanach Cottage on Culloden Battlefield in Scotland is Believed to be The Only Remaining Building From the Battle in 1746. I will summarize progress on each of those once I start working on them. For now the focus is on creating a good painting for a great friend of mine. Not sure of the title, the approach or even the basic composition at this time. Preparation is underway despite the normal level of uncertainty that comes with the start of a new painting.

Here is the the very first, rough, values thumbnail sketch. My instincts tell me I'll need to rework this a little before beginning the painting. I want to work in a flowering apple tree or two in the background and some secondary or tertiary focal point in the foreground to help create more interest for the viewer and ultimate curiosity and focus on the man on the tractor.

This painting is special to me personally because I know the subject, the friends I am creating the painting for and the subject matter is different than my normal choice of subjects. I tend to work on landscape paintings with no recognizable figures included in them.

My goal is to complete the necessary preparations to get this painting completed by this time next week.

Thanks for viewing. Be well, Tom

For more information on me and my art you can view my website @ or on social media as I post as @themadsketcher

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