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Fall means multi-color...

Multi-color ballpoint pens!?

Fall is my favorite season - Always has been and likely always will be.

Life happens with all of its seasons, varied rhythms and choruses. Fall brings so many things to look forward to. Colorful foliage, crisp air, apples, holidays, football, soccer, hockey, playoff baseball and more...

The season of life we presently are in, means fall brings very small windows of opportunity to create in different ways. After a few months of less time behind the easel, just a little more time is now available. Some examples of that can be found below.

Check out some of the newer content highlighting the process by which I create sketches in multi-colored ballpoint pen. This process offers me ways to create artwork quickly while in busier periods where the calendar is so full.

The results will likely provide some less expensive opportunities to own original artwork in the near future!

Thanks for checking out these new works.

Take care & be well,


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