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Live Painting Demonstrations

Lately, my painting practice has evolved to focus on studio-based live painting demonstrations. Capturing the painting process on video and watching unedited footage offers some unique opportunities for rapid learning. For the viewer and for me...!

Forty-seven live painting demonstrations published over the past three months offer a glimpse into the entire painting process and some of the messier aspects of life. Occasionally we will be interrupted by kids arguing, the dog barking, phone calls where I receive bad news and more -- but such is life! If you wish to see how these paintings were made click here to visit my channel

If you are interested in learning how to paint or grow as a painter there are some amazing books that offer a lifetime of lessons condensed in just a few hundred pages. You gain significant insight into some of the world’s best painting books by reviewing my ten-minute painting book briefs. Therein you get a sense for what each book is about before you make a purchase. Each of the painting books I summarize have helped me grow as a painter in a short period of time.

I provide this information for you for free in an effort to provide encouragement to anyone who is hesitant to start a creative painting practice. Or any creative practice for that matter. Just get started. Life is short. Make the most of your time. Especially your free time, if you have it.

Be well, Tom

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