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Painting Outdoors

Painting outdoors is both challenging and rewarding. Time spent outdoors can build positive energy and appreciation for the beauty that surrounds us.

The elements, necessary extra preparations, intrusive or even dangerous wildlife, travel time, lugging gear, proximity to running water and a lavatory are just a few of the potential challenges one can experience when painting outdoors. I say the rewards far out-way the challenges.

The following three paintings were all done outdoors (aka Plein Air) in the last few weeks of November. All were done based on scenes located within walking distance of our home.

Hope you enjoy.

Click here to view abbreviated videos of the process I followed to create these paintings outdoors. Please click the like and subscribe button if you'd like to get updates when new paintings are completed and available for sale.

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Thanks for taking the time to view this post.

Have a great day & be well, Tom

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