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Putting Creative Composting on Autopilot

Check out this Painted Lady - Made from memory- Facebook Memories that is…

This is exhibit "a" for how we can put Creative Composting on AutoPilot...!

This is just one example of how we can use social media in really constructive and positive ways (and related tech...) despite the well documented perils associated with its use.

Painted from reference photo taken in 2010 while attending a butterfly exhibit at The American Museum of Natural History in New York City.

I posted this photo on Facebook back then so it has come up in my Facebook memories each year since. I had intended to paint this scene a few years back and ended up working on other projects instead. Yet the polite reminders kept coming with each passing year.

There are several other ways to leverage technology to aid in the effort to nurture creative ideas through automation of the creative composting process.

Google Hub, Microsoft Office, Apple's iOS and many other technologies and social networks offer ways store and serve up older images that we capture throughout our daily lives.

Here's an example of a scene painted one year after capturing this photo after it came up in my Facebook memories.

This pastel painting of our twins sledding when they were babies was also based on a photograph taken long ago which was served up bt Facebook memories a few years after the scene was originally captured.

The following two paintings were based upon images captured during the course of fairly typical days, they were stored away and served up by various technologies as reminders that nudged me to take action and paint them.

Anything that can help us leverage our time and promote the use of our creative energy is a good thing in my book.


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