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Study the Greats: LIVE Episode 7

Updated: Apr 1, 2021

The process of painting this study of Charles Warren Eaton's Woods at Evening was recorded live during one of my Sunday Sessions this past Sunday at 3pm.

This is the seventh installment of The Study the Greats Series, which is a long-term series where I will hand pick paintings done by some of my favorite artists and recreate them with hints of my own style.

The goal is to deconstruct what they may have done to get the effects they achieved and use that knowledge to help level-up my own paintings.

When I first saw Eaton's original painting it made me feel as though I was walking through the woods, about to happen upon a clearing. I could smell, feel and hear the dried pine needles crunching underfoot as I was about to reach the edges of the woods and walk into the sunlight filtering through mist and haze.

The thumbnail image features my finished painting from this session. Maybe try a quick search for Eaton's original painting... he used watercolors to make his. My study was completed in oil paint.

Be well, Tom

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